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Microsoft has introduced their latest product in the office series called Office 365

In recent time, the impact of new technologies have shown its faster growth than ever before which makes the technology, one of the basic needs of society in every scale. Can you believe if I say, now your office can also be portable, isn’t it surprising? Yes it is true, with office 365 you can make your office portable. The amount of quality hours in a day shift of any employees is no more a concern for the employers, now work from anywhere, anytime you wish with office 365. The first version of Microsoft office was introduced in 19 November 1990. The journey of Microsoft office from 1990 to 2019 has been amazing with the introduction of upgraded versions in regular intervals. And after the thorough understanding of the market need now Microsoft has introduced their latest product in the office series called OFFICE 365.

Office 365 is a powerful tool, redefining the traditional physical work place concept and opens up the endless opportunity to create hassle free work process with or without your availability at office. One of the main advantages of office 365 is that, it is affordable for all type of business no matter whether it is small, medium or corporates. Recently, according to Microsoft there are more than half of all the commercial office users are only using office 365 rather than perpetual or independent office suits. For any type of business, what makes the office 365 so special? Let’s have a look.

What absolutely is Office 365?

The latest version of Office 365 is fully equipped with applications that helps to get your work done in less effort. Now create with ease and simplify your work the way you want. Office 365 comes with a wide range of applications which includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, Access, One Drive and Skype for business, MS outlook and many more. Microsoft have made this finest product available on all platforms like IOS, Windows and Android and can run on any of your devices like PC or MAC, Tablets and even on Mobile phones too. One of the prime features of office 365 is that, it’s a cloud based application which allows you the storage up to 1 TB and to get access anywhere in the globe any time you want. Office 365 is available both in monthly or yearly subscription, which gives you all the updates during the subscription period and other benefits too.

Enjoy the wide range of Office 365 applications from Westin Solutions Inc.

With decades of strong experience in serving the customers especially in Canada regarding their IT and business solutions, we are responsible and capable enough to Fulfil your requirements. Presenting Microsoft office 365 as one among the finest product from our comprehensive range of IT Product collections and services. By serving clients from different industries in Canada market, we know what suits you best. Our experts suggest, Office 365 is a valuable product with great potentials and brings great coordination in your business both internally and externally.

Let’s go through some of the Extra features of Office 365.

Apart from the regular office apps, Office 365 gives you the amazing user experience by some add on apps like Exchange, Share point, Teams, Planner, Bookings, Skype for business, Forms, invoicing, To-do, Visio Online, Office Online, One Drive, Dynamic 365, Yammer and many more..

Why Office 365 is the right product for you?

  • Office 365 will agile your business operations.
  • Improves organisational communication and coordination.
  • Can enhance employee’s efficiency and productivity and that leads to maximum profitability.
  • Systematic and organised IT and Business operations.
  • Cloud based platform helps to reduce server management and maintenance cost.
  • Support from Microsoft over phone or chat when needed.
  • Excellent Data Security – Data’s are encrypted, hence cannot be accessed without authorization.
  • Easy migration.
  • Scalable according to user’s choice.

So, why to wait anymore, get you subscription today and feel the power of Office 365. We are promised to structure your design and configure the first-rate solution for your Business with office 365. With years of experience in providing cloud management and services and other IT related services in different industries across Canada, Our expert teams are now well equipped with the knowledge to deliver you full support and migration services on Office 365. Redefine your Business and Work with Westin Solutions Systems, for further details please call us today.

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